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Such a thing Hm Tonht, I'll try to go into the northern forest, I need to talk to the of the old guys about the sea dungeon Hee Senior, will you go too? If you worry about equipment, I'll divide my rare items Ok then. Kya Oh I, I'm sorry Be careful I'm sorry It's fine, are you in a hurry hurry? It seems she was going to meet her boyfriend Ah...it's already trivial Haha.

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Please now Sorry to keep you waiting Shit Hasn't changed a bit Cruel Oh well...hm? I'm not like that So you made it fun and enjoyable then?


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Hey, lets go Oh yeah senior, have you been doing it lately? I haven't been playing lately, so they've been piling up When are you buying it I'm dying to buy it Please you're not gonna die if you don't buy it I'm going out this week.


I'm always hungry and looking toward a meal It's not good to wait then But Well your sister acts like a parent in the house Haha. (Choice) Eroge I'm talking about the eroge Oh that. It's my part-time job Wait a minute why are you working in your parent's rival bakery?

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